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SEO Content Writing Services To Reach Your Audience

Keyword-stuffed content doesn’t cut it anymore. Our SEO content writing services take a more sophisticated approach.

First, we get to know your customer’s interests and your brand voice so that we can speak authentically to your audience. Then, we research keywords that are realistic for your brand to rank for and that will drive the right people to your website.

We take the time to understand what each searcher seeks and what they need next. Our emphasis on empathy ensures that you won’t be disappointed by boilerplate articles that look like all the top-ranking posts.

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SEO content will increase your organic traffic, but it should do more than that. A thoughtful content marketing strategy raises brand awareness and engages potential customers.

We understand your audience’s search behaviors and create engaging content that will put your brand in front of them again and again. Top of funnel content increases your reach, while middle and bottom funnel content drives qualified leads that may convert.

And because our content is best-in-class and includes designed assets, it can even generate organic backlinks.

Why SEO content shouldn’t just be “good enough”

Your content might be a potential customer’s first touchpoint. Do you want to leave a lasting positive impression or cause them to bounce?

While “good enough” content might rank, it’s unlikely to impress the user or instill trust.

Premium content isn’t just copy optimized to rank. It’s a memorable brand experience that makes you stand out from your competitors.

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What Sets Us Apart

We’re a boutique content marketing agency with decades of combined experience. Senior team members are in the weeds, shaping your content from keyword research to final publication.

"Lead generation from our SEO channel has grown year over year. As well, our traffic has grown 130–150% year over year. SEO has been one of the major factors in the success of the company, converting the bottom of the funnel to sales."

Lior Zitzman

Director of Digital Audience


Our SEO Content Writing Process

Analyze your site and competitors

Before we even think about writing, we analyze your existing blog content to understand what’s working and where there’s room for improvement. Then we see how you stack up against your search competitors, meaning websites that compete for the same search visibility as you. These may or may not be your direct competitors. Understanding the search landscape ensures our SEO strategy is realistic for your brand.

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Develop a content strategy

Next, we conduct comprehensive keyword research, digging for high-value, high-intent terms that will get you noticed by the right people. Search volume and keyword difficulty don’t tell the whole story, which is why we manually review the search engine results page (SERP) data for every keyword we pitch to ensure that it’s achievable to rank for and fitting for your brand.

If existing website content hasn’t reached its full potential, we’ll suggest revisions that will help it drive more value so that your web content is the highest quality possible.

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Cultivate deep understanding

As SEO content writers, we know that just because something is ranking doesn’t mean it speaks the truth. Our research doesn’t stop on the first page of Google. We explore data studies, consult with subject matter experts, make phone calls, and do whatever else it takes to master the information.

Once we deeply understand the information, we create an in-depth content brief, framing the information in a way that resonates with your target audience and fulfills the multi-faceted search intent what the user searched for, what they want to know next, and what they didn’t know they wanted.

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Perform multiple levels of review

A good content brief is the foundation for high-quality content. The content brief goes through a content marketer, content strategist, and senior editor before copywriting begins. Once content is written, the final product goes through another three-stage review. Our process goes beyond proofreading, we implement SEO best practices, match your brand voice, and weave in thoughtful calls to action.

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SEO Content Writing FAQs

How much does SEO content writing cost?

A single blog post can cost anywhere from $200 to $3,500 depending on the quality and what is included. Copywriting services on the lower end of the range tend to charge by the word and rely on you to suggest blog topics. Premium content typically includes keyword research, copywriting, and graphic design services to make you stand out from competitors. Contact us for pricing based on your needs.

What do your SEO content writing services include?

Our SEO copywriting services include keyword research, content strategy, writing, editing, design, reporting, and project management. We aim to become an extension of your team and help you scale your digital marketing efforts to increase website visitors.

Why invest in SEO content writing?

Search engine optimization is complex. You need to identify terms that your website can realistically rank for so that your effort isn’t in vain, and that takes expertise. We believe quality is better than quantity. Rather than producing a high volume of mediocre content, we craft content with care.

Our team has a decades of combined experience growing traffic for all kinds of industries including finance, SaaS, industrial, lifestyle, and ecommerce. Contact us today to fulfill your content needs!

Ready to head north?

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