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Our team of 18 specializes in creating customized and scalable link building strategies. We excel at creating awesome, linkworthy content, targeting a resource-thirsty audience. Our hustle is unparalleled. Our average campaign earns around 50 links, and we’ve had some earn more than 500.

We work with startups, publicly traded companies, and brick-and-mortar companies serious about growing their online presence.

Our link building service is pay-for-performance, so we put our money where our mouth is.

We spend money where it counts

We don’t have fancy offices or paid lunch. In fact, we don’t have offices at all. We keep our overhead low and our team lean to ensure that we stay laser-focused on the tasks that matter: our client campaigns.

We’re small and responsive

We don’t have three levels of seniority inside our company. So if you have an idea, question, or concern, you’ll have access to our founder, Nicole DeLeon, not some account manager or assistant.

We shorten your time to market

While it does take a bit of time for us to learn your niche and get your initial campaigns started, we are as close to plug-and-play as it gets. It typically takes us a few weeks to build up to significant numbers of backlinks. Compare that to the several months it takes to hire, train, and create process around an in-house team.

We only take on a few clients at a time

We enjoy working closely with our clients and so only work with a few at a time.

Niches We've Worked With

At North Star Inbound, we pride ourselves on being able to “speak many languages,” working in industries from construction, housing, and home furnishings to insurance, law, and finance, and many points between. Here are a few of the industry niches for which we’ve provided thoughtful and engaging work.


We’ve guided personal finance businesses that focus on building credit, securing cash settlements, and providing a range of financial services.


We’ve created content for an insurance rate-comparison platform that offers comprehensive, real-time information on home and auto policies.

Housing & Rentals

We’ve augmented traffic for several interactive rental listing sites that connect searchers online with long-term or short-term housing opportunities.

Legal Services

We’ve assisted a searchable nationwide directory of attorneys and legal services that also features content on navigating legal procedures.

Branding and Promotions

We’ve expanded the online visibility of multiple companies that manufacture, customize, and sell branded promotional products.


We’ve earned links for a platform that provides medical certification through online first-aid and CPR training, plus more health-related courses.

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