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Digital PR Services That Earn Top-Tier Links

Want to cut through the noise of cookie-cutter content that doesn’t get noticed? You’re in the right place.

Our award-winning Digital PR agency creates content that makes the news and earns links. Hundreds of millions of people have viewed our campaigns through referral traffic or on social media, and we’ve generated thousands of top-tier placements.

Our campaigns are designed to demand attention. Whether they appeal to a sense of curiosity, evoke a certain emotion, or offer new insight, they are positioned to succeed where so many others fall flat.

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Why Digital PR?

Traditional PR counts on your business being the story or tying your executive’s expertise to the news cycle. Great strategies to be sure. But not everything your business does is newsworthy, and you can waste a lot of time waiting for the news cycle to hand you opportunities.

That’s where our digital PR services come in.

Digital PR is content so in tune with industry and culture that it compels top-tier publications to feature it. A good online PR campaign usually involves creating a set of data insights that help tell a compelling news story.

High-profile coverage builds brand awareness and credibility, providing features that you can display on your website, showcase to investors, or leverage in your sales collateral. And because it’s entertaining or thought-provoking, you can repurpose the content on your social channels or in email marketing for higher engagement.

We’ll Earn You The Toughest Coverage

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“The penultimate campaign North Star Inbound created drove 300 links in the space of two weeks. In a seven-day window, it also attracted 27,000 unique visitors to one of our blog pages. Meanwhile, their latest campaign was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and then on The Drew Barrymore Show."

Daniele Saccardi

Senior Digital PR Lead


Our Digital PR Process

Identify stories that journalists want to hear

Our team studies your industry to understand your target audience’s issues and interests. We dig deep, scouring forums and social media where real-time conversations happen to uncover trending topics. Then, we use these insights to determine what unique perspective we can bring to the table through data storytelling.

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Develop a sound methodology

A flawed methodology can repel the highest tier of media coverage. We research multiple data sources to determine the best way to bring a story to life. From sentiment analysis to surveys, data scrapes, or public data sources, the choice of data can make or break a campaign. A creative approach can open up new promotion opportunities.

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Determine the most compelling data points

Once a methodology has been developed and the data sourced, it’s time to look at the numbers from a journalist’s perspective. We weave together a narrative that allows us to pitch the story in various ways.

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Bring the story to life

Our digital PR campaigns build your brand authority as much as they build links and mentions to your site. Our editorial and design team ensure your voice, tone, and style are perfectly matched to your guidelines. The finished product looks and feels like brand journalism.

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Earn your brand coverage

As much time as we spend crafting campaigns, our digital PR agency spends even more time promoting each one. From composing multiple hooks for different beats to doubling down when things are going well, we make sure a campaign reaches its full potential.

We don’t rely on templated press releases. Instead, we create a custom outreach strategy for each campaign. While we benefit from relationships with journalists and media outlets, we don’t stop at leveraging our network. We proactively find and pitch reporters we know will want to cover the story and keep your dream media placements top of mind.

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There are several common types of digital PR formats. But in reality, the format is only limited by the imagination of the PR. Here are a few common types of digital PR that we leverage to tell your story.

We Create Award-Winning Campaigns

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Digital PR FAQs

What’s the difference between traditional and digital PR?

Traditional PR relies on channels such as broadcast media, television, radio, print, and other offline channels to promote brand awareness. Digital PR leverages online channels such as content marketing, online publications, and social media to promote a brand.

How is digital PR measured?

The most common measure of success is the number of backlinks and mentions a digital PR campaign receives. But the number of unique stories the campaign generates, the authority of the publications that choose to share, the number of social shares, the amount of referral traffic, and an estimate of views for the brand are all important metrics to track.

Long term, a brand should measure a digital PR effort against its ability to produce high-quality backlinks that boost search engine optimization and website traffic.

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