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86,000+ Monthly Organic Visits for Preply

Our SEO-optimized content is some of the top performing blog content, raising brand awareness and driving new sign ups.

The numbers speak for themselves.


monthly organic pageviews added


of blog traffic with 2% of content

The Problem

Preply is a language learning platform that connects students to tutors for one-on-one lessons and group classes.

They enlisted our help to grow their organic presence, with the goal of raising brand awareness and converting new learners. When we began working with them, most of their organic traffic came from English terminology and grammar topics. However, not all these topics had high intent to convert.

We saw an opportunity to target terms that new language learners search for and broaden Preply’s reach for languages like Spanish, Japanese, and French.

The Strategy

Target Rudimentary Language Keywords

There are many different personas that benefit from language tutors, including corporate professionals, exam preppers, and conversationalists.

We zeroed in on conversationalists and English as a second language (ESL) learners. Both these groups are trying to grasp language basics and both could benefit from affordable, one-on-one tutoring.

Knowing this, we identified terms that would capture an audience in the early stage of their language-learning journey. These include topics on numbers, letters, sentence structure, and grammar rules. We also identified posts that weren’t ranking well, but had the chance to convert, and updated those.

Leverage Subject Matter Experts

If you don’t speak a language, you can’t authentically explain how to learn it. To ensure our foreign language content was educational, not just SEO-optimized, we sourced native speakers to consult on each project and provide unique language learning tips and examples.

Increase Visibility With Designed Assets

Educational content should solve for as many learning styles as possible – visual, reading/writing, auditory, and kinesthetic. Google understands this and surfaces image packs on certain types of language learning keywords.

We took this opportunity to add value to their site and drive traffic with imagery. Visual assets helped increase visibility for topics like Numbers in Spanish and French Alphabet.

The Results

Our content drives over 86,000 organic pageviews per month. Despite our articles only making up 2% of all informational content, they contribute to 10% of blog traffic.

Content that targets beginning and intermediate language learners also drives direct conversions.

Our efforts have contributed to Preply’s organic traffic exceeding that of Babbel and Duolingo.

preply, duolingo, and babbel organic traffic growth

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