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North Star Inbound is dedicated to elevating the brands that trust us with content that beats the competition in originality and results.

Each relationship matters. We are a group of rebellious and innovative thinkers who care deeply about our work, our clients, and each other. Get to know our values and how we live them every day.


In an industry full of bluster, we hold ourselves and each other to a high standard. And if we fall short, we want to be the first to know. You’ll talk to our founder, who’ll ensure we make it right.

“They always do the right thing. Like in any engagement, we had disagreements, but they’ve shown a lot of character, and it buys a lot of confidence and trust.”

Bret Bonnet


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“On my first day, I pitched an idea and Nicole and the team let me run with it. It was a great feeling to be able to contribute and be trusted immediately.”

Kerry Sherin

Creative Strategy and Outreach Manager
North Star Inbound

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Yesterday's successes are today’s status quo. That’s boring. We’re a group of rebel creatives unafraid to try new things. Employees with ideas are given every opportunity to see them through.


You're never a number. You'll never deal with an account manager. We seek to become a true extension of your team.

"Since the beginning, they’ve felt like part of our team."

Lior Zitzman

VP of Digital Audience


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"As a parent, I can take a few hours to go to my child’s school, and then make it up in the evening or over the weekend. The PTO policies and benefits are generous, which makes it easy for me to bring my best to the table every day."

Cindy Glover

Editorial & PR Manager

North Star Inbound

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Flexibility frees up our clients and employees to succeed. In an industry that's always changing, Our culture of flexibility allows us to pivot our client strategies when needed. Our remote culture provides flexibility for employees by allowing them to work from anywhere so long as their work gets done.


We strive for honest and direct communication and feedback--especially when it's hard. Transparency builds trust and helps us better support our team members and our clients as we grow.

“[T]heir directness and transparent communication helped us improve our content. Those things go hand in hand and we’re seeing the benefits on that.”

Jeff Smith

VP of Marketing

Self Financial

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“I've heard that diversity is whether you were invited to the party and inclusion is whether you had fun. I love that because nobody deserves to be a number. Our backgrounds and experiences are what make us unique and bring value to our work.”

Nicole DeLeon


North Star Inbound

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We are a woman and minority-owned business that is strongly committed to embracing different perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. We believe that mutual respect for persons of all walks of life makes our work better, not harder. Inclusion is both a value and a goal we aspire to. We continue to seek to understand and improve our culture to bring out the best in each individual.

The Company We Keep

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Best Use of Content Marketing - Shortlist

Number of times: 1


Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign - Silver

Number of times: 1

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Global Outreach Campaign Shortlist

Number of times: 2

PR Campaign of the Year - Shortlist

Number of times: 7

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Global Outreach Campaign Shortlist

Number of times: 2

Most Effective Use of Content Shortlist

Number of times: 1

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NYX Marcom Award for Digital PR

Number of times: 6

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Muse Creative Awards for Content Marketing

Number of times: 4

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Hermes Creative Awards for Digital PR

Number of times: 2

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