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September 14, 2020

53 Best SEO Experts of 2020: A More Diverse Roundup

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Diversity in SEO

SEO has long been dominated by white men, as shown in our recent study on the gender gap in SEO. Thanks to the echo chambers of power and privilege, the same people — mostly white, mostly men — are consistently hailed as the leaders of our field, leaving little room for others who bring diverse viewpoints and fresh perspectives to an always-evolving industry. 

Don’t get us wrong: We know people like Rand Fishkin and Brian Dean have made a big impact on the SEO landscape. But it’s time for more people to be recognized for their contributions to SEO. 

We believe our SEO leaders should reflect the diversity of the community they represent. 

Every time a non-inclusive Best SEOs list comes out, the SEO Twitter community rightfully calls it out — sometimes aggressively. But is that enough? While calling out non-inclusive lists is important, it’s only a first step. 

Personal accountability requires us to do more to improve the narrative. Change is desperately needed, and we intend for this list to be one step on the journey toward making room for a more diverse chorus of voices at the mic. 

So to create this list, we asked our community on Twitter to nominate SEOs whom they feel are changing the SEO landscape and bringing diverse perspectives to an often homogeneous field. The result? An impressive list of SEOs from all over the world and every demographic (yes, even some white guys) who are changing search for the better. 

You’ll find experts from all realms of SEO. We’ve got technical SEO analysts, content marketing magicians, and big-data nerds. We’ve got enterprise SEO superstars, eCommerce experts, and local SEO wizards. It’s one of the most diverse lists created so far, and it paints a more accurate picture of the SEO landscape as it is today — and as we hope it will look in the future. 

Our first 10 entries are those who received multiple nominations for this list. Below that, we’ll list every qualified nomination we received, so you can see the true diversity of SEO. 

P.S.: Special thanks to Mark Traphagen who provided feedback that helped clarify the nominations form to better communicate what it was we were seeking.

Areej AbuAliAreej AbuAli

Position: Founder of Women in Tech SEO and In-House SEO Manager at Zoopla

Twitter: @Areej_AbuAli, @TechWomenSEO


Bio: Areej is an experienced technical SEO best known for founding the Women in Tech SEO community. This support network has more than 2,000 members around the world who learn from each other via Facebook, Slack, and events. Said one nominator: “Few people have done as much for women in the SEO community as Areej.” 

Follow Areej for: Excellent insights into technical SEO, plus inspiration and empowerment for women in SEO

Aleyda SolisAleyda Solis

Position: Founder of Orainti and Co-Founder of Remoters

Twitter: @Aleyda


Bio: Aleyda is an award-winning international SEO consultant who has worked with major brands across 3 continents. She’s written a Spanish-language guide to SEO fundamentals and regularly speaks at major conferences around the world. You may have seen her at MozCon, INBOUND, or BrightonSEO. 

Follow Aleyda for: Technical breakdowns of international SEO strategy and her free weekly newsletter, #SEOFOMO

Wil ReynoldsWil Reynolds

Position: Founder and Vice President of Innovation at Seer Interactive

Twitter: @wilreynolds


Bio: Wil does a lot with connecting paid search and SEO data to maximize your ROI, as seen in his Wasteful Wednesday weekly video series at Seer Interactive. He’s a knowledgeable and versatile digital marketer whose insights are not to be missed!

Follow Wil for: A steady stream of insights on all kinds of SEO topics

Britney Muller

Position: Former Senior SEO Scientist at Moz

Twitter: @BritneyMuller


Bio: Britney gained recognition for her work at Moz, where she frequently appeared in Whiteboard Friday videos and contributed to their Beginner’s Guide for SEO. Now an independent consultant, Britney is focusing on understanding machine learning and its implications for SEO, with the goal of bringing accessible machine-learning models to us soon. 

Follow Britney for: Very simple explanations of highly technical concepts and the latest news on machine learning in SEO 

Mike KingMike King

Position: Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank

Twitter: @ipullrank


Bio: Mike is an expert in both technical and enterprise-level SEO and possesses a deep understanding of the external factors that impact an SEO profile. His agency provides specific resources for guiding businesses and SEOs through the impact of COVID-19 and, more broadly, through recessions. It’s a crucial way of looking holistically at an SEO strategy. 

Follow Mike for: Enterprise SEO expertise and insights that take a holistic view of business needs

Jamie AlbericoJamie Alberico

Position: Technical SEO Consultant at Not a Robot

Twitter: @jammer_volts


Bio: Jamie is a JavaScript whiz, known for her expert insights on rendering JavaScript and working with tough frameworks like Angular and React. She works to improve behind-the-scenes processes like crawling, rendering, and indexing pages. She’s been a featured speaker at numerous SEO conferences, and her writing has appeared in many major SEO publications. 

Follow Jamie for: Lots of technical insights into JavaScript rendering and other tech SEO topics

Jamar Ramos Jamar Ramos 

Position: Co-Founder of CrunchyLinks

Twitter: @JamRam33


Bio: Jamar is a co-founder and account manager at CrunchyLinks, an SEO agency that cuts through the jargon to build real relationships with clients for a more powerful marketing impact. The agency was shortlisted for four 2020 US Search Awards, including Best Use of Content Marketing and Best Low Budget SEO Campaign. 

Follow Jamar for: A look at how SEOs and other marketers can make meaningful social change through their work 

Luke CarthyLuke Carthy

Position: Independent eCommerce SEO Consultant

Twitter: @MrLukeCarthy


Bio: Luke is a wildly successful eCommerce specialist and SEO strategist. He views SEO as just a piece of the larger eCommerce puzzle, taking a holistic view of all the components of a profitable eCommerce strategy. 

Follow Luke for: The latest takes on everything eCommerce from one of the field’s leading experts

Amanda JordanAmanda Jordan

Position: Director of Local SEO at Locomotive Agency

Twitter: @amandatjordan


Bio: Amanda is a local SEO expert who has managed strategies for businesses with more than 50 locations. She has appeared on numerous podcasts, panels, and conferences to speak about local SEO topics. 

Follow Amanda for: The latest on Google My Business and other local search updates

Bill SlawskiBill Slawski

Position: Director of SEO Research at GoFish Digital and creator of SEO by the Sea

Twitter: @Bill_Slawski


Bio: Bill’s SEO by the Sea blog breaks down exactly how search engines work in thorough, technical detail. He analyzes Google patents, examines new features, and explains specifics of how search engines understand queries. Reading his work will definitely make you smarter, and you’ll walk away with a more complex understanding of exactly what you’re trying to get the search engines to do. 

Follow Bill for: The scoop on the inner workings of search engines, backed by extensive research

Ashley Berman HaleAshley Berman Hale

Position: Director of Technical SEO Consulting at DeepCrawl

Twitter: @BermanHale


Bio: Ashley is an experienced technical SEO with a focus on inclusive design, UX, and internationalization. She is a frequent speaker at search conferences and a Top Contributor on the Google Webmaster Forums. She is also working to lower unconscious biases in hiring for DeepCrawl. 

Follow Ashley for: Technical SEO insights and conversations on a broad spectrum of SEO topics. 

Amine Dahimene Amine

Position: Independent SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant

Twitter: @aminedahimene


Bio: Amine is an accomplished SEO with experience in technical, UX, and content strategies for clients large and small. He takes a holistic approach to SEO strategy and draws on past experience in PPC and web development to further enhance his strategies. 

Follow Amine for: Holistic views on SEO strategy and thoughtful takes on what you need to be a good SEO

Andrew CocoAndrew Coco

Position: Senior SEO Manager at the Walt Disney Company

Twitter: @AyyyCoco


Bio: Andrew has done in-house SEO for many major brands, including Disney, GUESS?, and more. He is also well-versed in social media, PPC, and other digital marketing channels, which he uses to develop cohesive strategies that truly meet business goals. 

Follow Andrew for: Technical SEO and eCommerce insights from an in-house strategist at a major brand

Azeem AhmadAzeem Digital

Position: Independent Digital Marketer and host of the Azeem Digital Asks podcast

Twitter: @AzeemDigital


Bio: Azeem is a multichannel marketing pro with a focus on SEO. He has spoken internationally on topics relating to PPC, SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. He prides himself on giving attendees actionable tips they can start using immediately. He also speaks about diversity in marketing. 

Follow Azeem for: Weekly podcast episodes featuring SEO experts speaking on a huge range of SEO topics

Barry Adams Barry Adams

Position: SEO Consultant at Polemic Digital and editor of State of Digital

Twitter: @badams


Bio: Barry is the founder of the award-winning Polemic Digital agency and regularly speaks at search conferences around the world. He’s been an active SEO since 1998 — as long as Google itself has been active — and brings a wealth of experience to his talks and writings. 

Follow Barry for: Expert technical SEO tips and trainings

Carolyn Lyden

Position: Founder and SEO Consultant at Search Hermit

Twitter: @carolynlyden


Bio: Carolyn is an experienced SEO with a background in writing and a focus on small businesses. She aims to help women- and BIPOC-owned businesses grow and transform. Her work explains complex SEO concepts in simple terms for business owners. 

Follow Carolyn for: SEO Chats and SEO resources for women- and Black-owned businesses

Chima MmejeChima Mmeje

Position: Founder and SEO Copywriter at Zenith Copy

Twitter: @chimammeje


Bio: Chima is a Nigeria-based SEO copywriter who specializes in building topic clusters for SaaS and tech brands. She frequently shares her copywriting tips and insights from the experts on her blog and as a speaker for the Women in Tech SEO network. 

Follow Chima for: Copywriting tips to boost rankings and conversions in SEO and other channels

Cindy KrumCindy Krum

Position: CEO and Founder of Mobile Moxie

Twitter: @Suzzicks, @MobileMoxie


Bio: Cindy has been doing mobile marketing since before the iPhone was invented, making her an expert in all things mobile. She speaks at conferences around the world on mobile SEO, responsive design, and site-speed optimization. Cindy is also the author of Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are

Follow Cindy for: SEO roundtable discussions with VIP guests on a variety of SEO topics

Claire Carlile

Position: Owner and SEO at Claire Carlile Marketing

Twitter: @clairecarlile


Bio: Claire specializes in SEO and local SEO, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in search. She uses qualitative consumer behavior research to shape marketing strategy and communications, even co-authoring a paper on ethical consumers. 

Follow Claire for: Local SEO tips and general SEO knowledge

Colin McDermottColin McDermott

Position: Founder of SearchCandy and moderator at /r/BigSEO

Twitter: @colinmcdermott


Bio: Colin is well-versed in a wide range of SEO topics and concepts, but puts a special emphasis on technical SEO on his Search Candy blog. He provides deep insights into how Google works and keeps an eye on changes in real time, most recently in how Google handles job postings.  

Follow Colin for: Tons of site performance tips and tricks with a technical focus

Dan Brooks

Position: Technical SEO Consultant at Aira Digital

Twitter: @seodanbrooks


Bio: Dan is a self-taught technical SEO whose blog is full of SEO tutorials for tasks like checking 301 redirects and scraping People Also Ask boxes. Dan is also the organizer of the MK Search meetup and co-host of The Big Time Marketing podcast. 

Follow Dan for: Technical SEO tips and fixes 

David Oragui

Position: Founder of Grow Hack Scale

Twitter: @djoragui


Bio: David focuses on getting good results fast for his impressive roster of clients. His expertise includes SEO, content marketing, and product marketing. He aims to not only grow a company’s bottom line, but also continually educate them on sustaining marketing growth. 

Follow David for: SEO and growth-hacking strategies for SaaS companies

Dawn Anderson

Position: Founder and Managing Director at Bertey

Twitter: @dawnieando


Bio: Dawn has more than 13 years of experience in SEO spanning a variety of industries. She is a skilled forensic technical SEO auditor and dives deep into the inner workings of websites and search engines. Dawn is also a lecturer and advisor for post-secondary marketing students. 

Follow Dawn for: Updates and insights on technical and international SEO

Faisal Anderson

Position: Senior Technical SEO Consultant at LiveArea 

Twitter: @FaisalAnderson


Bio: Faisal is a technical SEO who focuses on eCommerce sites in Europe and Asia. He speaks at conferences around the world, such as BrightonSEO, and is also a Moz contributor. 

Follow Faisal for: Technical SEO insights and a forthcoming podcast on diversity in SEO

Glen Allsopp

Position: Founder of and

Twitter: @ViperChill


Bio: A serial entrepreneur with tons of hands-on SEO experience, Glen shares his expertise and teaches SEO via his websites. The tactics and strategies he publishes cover everything from link building to content marketing to Google Chrome hacks. 

Follow Glen for: SEO secrets and shortcuts that reveal how Google actually works

Greg Gifford

Position: Local SEO Consultant and Vice President of SearchLab

Twitter: @greggifford


Bio: Greg is a local SEO expert with experience in the automotive industry and a highly respected speaker at conferences all over the world. You might have seen him as the host of the SEO Fundamentals course at SEMrush. 

Follow Greg for: Local SEO insights and strategies

Hamlet Batista

Position: CEO at RankSense

Twitter: @hamletbatista


Bio: Hamlet developed his RankSense platform with the goal of accelerating SEO results through the use of artificial intelligence and automation methods. This tool simplifies the SEO process for small businesses and aims to get results in weeks, not months. 

Follow Hamlet for: Tips on using Python and automation in SEO

Helen Pollitt

Position: Founder and Managing Director at Arrows Up

Twitter: @helenpollitt1


Bio: Helen has a decade of SEO experience and focuses on all things analytics. She is a regular speaker at SEO conferences, covering topics such as small-budget SEO and how to make reporting more effective. Helen also writes for State of Digital, Search Engine Journal, and more, and lectures on web analytics at the University of Kent. 

Follow Helen for: Insights on web analytics and tips for better client communication and education

Izzi Smith

Position: Technical SEO Analyst for Ryte

Twitter: @izzionfire


Bio: Izzi is an experienced in-house SEO who focuses on SERP optimization and structured data, as well as local and technical SEO. She speaks at search marketing conferences all over the world, where she has regularly been voted best speaker. Izzi is also the co-host of The Izzi & Nils Show, where she discusses SEO and CRO topics. 

Follow Izzi for: Technical SEO tips with a focus on structured data

Jackie Chu

Position: SEO Lead at Uber

Twitter: @jackiecchu


Bio: Jackie is a well-rounded digital marketer with experience in SEO, ASO, and paid social, among other channels. She’s worked for Uber, Dropbox, and other major companies. Jackie often speaks and writes on content marketing topics and ASO for major SEO conferences and publications. 

Follow Jackie for: Insights on technical SEO for SaaS companies and more

Jarno van Driel

Position: Independent Structured Data Consultant

Twitter: @jarnovandriel


Bio: Jarno was an early adopter of structured data and continues to be an expert in this subdiscipline. His origins are as a front-end web developer, but he now focuses on semantic technologies and modeling services. 

Follow Jarno for: Updates, tips, and tool recommendations for Schema markup and other structured data

Jeff Louella

Position: Technical SEO at Wirecutter

Twitter: @jefflouella


Bio: Jeff has evolved from a web designer and developer into a “technical leaning” SEO, where he can examine not just keywords and links, but the entire structure of a website to optimize for the best results. He is also a moderator on /r/TechSEO.

Follow Jeff for: Tips and tools for technical SEO strategy

Jenny Halasz

Position: President of JLH Marketing

Twitter: @jennyhalasz


Bio: Jenny is a seasoned SEO who has seen it all. Having worked both agency-side and client-side, she uses all kinds of digital marketing channels to craft the perfect strategies for her clients. She’s spoken at nearly every SEO conference and written for nearly every major SEO publication. 

Follow Jenny for: Strategies and insights on internal linking and crawling and indexation

Jessica Levenson

Position: Head of Digital Strategy and SEO at NetSuite

Twitter: @guerillagirl


Bio: Jessica has long been a pioneer for women in leadership and STEM, and she brings that experience to the SEO world. She focuses on finding search intent for SEO content marketing and ways to best convey SEO needs to businesses. 

Follow Jessica for: Insights on content marketing and general SEO strategy

Joe HallJoe Hall

Position: Founder and SEO Consultant at Hall Analysis

Twitter: @joehall


Bio: Joe has worked on diverse technologies at local and national levels. MIT and the Department of Homeland Security have referenced his work in white papers. He creates tools, such as an SEO meta tag generator, to help small businesses and nonprofits. 

Follow Joe for: Innovative SEO thought leadership 

Joy HawkinsJoy Hawkins

Position: Founder of Sterling Sky

Twitter: @JoyanneHawkins


Bio: Joy is a self-taught local SEO/SEM expert who has been in the business since 2006. She is a Google Top Contributor and has spoken at many major marketing conferences, including MozCon and PubCon. 

Follow Joy for: Expert tips on Google My Business and other local SEO topics

Kevin IndigKevin Indig

Position: Vice President of SEO and Content at G2

Twitter: @Kevin_Indig


Bio: Kevin Indig leads SEO & Content Marketing as VP at G2 and is the creator of the Tech Bound newsletter/podcast. Previously, he ran SEO at Atlassian and Dailymotion and worked with companies like eBay, Eventbrite, Samsung, Pinterest, and many others in the past. 

Follow Kevin for: Tons of easy-to-understand SEO insights backed by solid expertise

Kim Doughty

Position: Brand Specialist at Leadhub, Founder of the LGBTQ Marketers community

Twitter: @howdydoughty, @LGBTQMarketers


Bio: Kim takes a comprehensive approach to small business marketing, focusing on SEO and other digital marketing strategies to truly impact the bottom line. Kim is also the founder of the newly formed LGBTQ+ Digital Marketers community, where LGBTQ+ marketers can find resources and support. 

Follow Kim for: Great SEO tips and resources for LGBTQ marketers

Lily Ray

Position: SEO Director at Path Interactive

Twitter: @lilyraynyc


Bio: Lily comes from a family of engineers and web developers, giving her a strong technical background from which to design SEO strategies. She’s also a frequent speaker and guest at SEO conferences, podcasts, and online chats, where she often discusses E-A-T and content strategy. 

Follow Lily for: Original surveys on how users search and other expert SEO insights

Marie HaynesMarie Haynes

Position: Founder of Marie Haynes Consulting

Twitter: @Marie_Haynes


Bio: Marie is a self-taught Google algorithm expert known for her work on manual penalty removal. She regularly contributes to Moz and Search Engine Watch, and you’re likely to see her commenting in the Google Help forums, too. Marie is also a frequent speaker at PubCon, SMX, and other conferences. 

Follow Marie for: Detailed analyses of Google Algorithm Updates and all things QRG and EAT

Matt Lacuesta

Position: Director of Earned and Owned Media at Location3

Twitter: @MattLacuesta


Bio: Matt is a local and technical SEO expert who works hard to foster community in the SEO world. He hosts a Denver meetup of SEOs called SEO Beers, where marketers can chat about the latest news in the industry. He regularly appears on webinars, podcasts, and more to talk about local search trends. 

Follow Matt for: Local and enterprise SEO insights and a great community fostering career growth

Michael Briggs

Position: Independent Digital Marketing Consultant

Twitter: @michaelkebriggs


Bio: Michael is a growth-hacking digital marketer with expertise in SEO for large-scale, multilingual sites. He looks at user acquisition and revenue growth through content and other unpaid media. 

Follow Michael for: Chats on the scalability of SEO processes

Michelle RobbinsMichelle Robbins

Position: Vice President of Product Innovation at AimClear

Twitter: @MichelleRobbins


Bio: Michelle is a data analysis expert who served as the former editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land and its sister sites. She is a mentor and advocate for women in STEM and tech fields, working with Women in MarTech, Women in Tech SEO, and other organizations. 

Follow Michelle for: Insights on data analysis in SEO

Miracle Inameti-Archibong

Position: Head of SEO at Erudite Agency

Twitter: @mira_inam


Bio: Miracle is a consultant whose work with SEO team members and clients brings together her dual focus on the technical details of a strategy and the psychology of human behavior in relationships. She has spoken at BrightonSEO, SearchLove, and other conferences, and is a mentor and speaker with Women in Tech SEO. 

Follow Miracle for: Talks and insights on enterprise SEO and demonstrating the value of SEO to clients

Mordy ObersteinMordy Oberstein

Position: SEO Advocate at Wix and host of the In Search SEO Podcast

Twitter: @MordyOberstein


Bio: Mordy was most recently the Chief Marketing Officer at Rank Ranger, where he helped build out branding for the all-in-one SEO reporting suite. He is a detailed researcher and passionate SEO educator, particularly when it comes to the inner workings of Google algorithms and SERP features. 

Follow Mordy for: SEO chats and a conceptual approach to SEO

Nik RangerNik Ranger

Position: Senior SEO Specialist at StudioHawk

Twitter: @nikrangerseo


Bio: Nik is a data-driven SEO specialist who works with clients ranging from large enterprise companies to small local businesses. She often focuses on technical SEO audits and user intent research, but can also be found discussing E-A-T, SERP features, and algorithm updates on SEMrush webinars and at search conferences. 

Follow Nik for: Really specific technical SEO insights and lots of data

Orit MutznikOrit Mutznik

Position: Head of SEO at SilkFred 

Twitter: @OritSiMu


Bio: Launched from an early career path in translating and content writing, Orit’s focus turned to technical SEO, international SEO, app SEO, and content marketing. Now specializing in in-house SEO for eCommerce, she’s the head of SEO at SilkFred. Orit is also a vocal — and multilingual — proponent of the Women in Tech SEO community, as well as an author and frequent conference speaker.

Follow Orit for:  Knowledge on Python, pagination, and technical SEO tips for retail and eCommerce

Polly PospelovaPolly Pospelova

Position: Head of Search at Delete Agency

Twitter: @polly_p


Bio: Polly is an award-winning search marketer and conference speaker with a development background and a deep knowledge of UX. She covers all kinds of SEO topics, ranging from link building to local search to specific technical questions. Polly is also a judge on several search awards panels. 

Follow Polly for: Insights on the intersections between SEO, UX, and development

Ross SimmondsRoss Simmonds

Position: Founder and CEO at Foundation Marketing

Twitter: @TheCoolestCool


Bio: Ross is a content marketer whose work brings millions of views across social channels and millions in revenue for clients of the Foundation Agency, which he founded. He regularly speaks at SEO conferences on content marketing and growth topics, and writes case studies on business growth, linking strategies, and more. 

Follow Ross for: Content marketing and SaaS insights 

Ruth Burr Reedy

Position: Vice President of Strategy at UpBuildTeam

Twitter: @ruthburr


Bio: Ruth is the former SEO and inbound marketing lead at Moz (dating back to when it was SEOmoz) and now drives strategy at UpBuildTeam. She’s written and spoken on all kinds of SEO topics, including analytics, lead quality, and more. 

Follow Ruth for: Tons of SEO insights drawn from years of industry experience

Suganthan Mohanadasan

Position: Co-founder and Technical SEO Lead at Snippet Digital

Twitter: @Suganthanmn


Bio: Suganthan is an international technical SEO consultant who focuses on advanced digital strategies for clients. He’s written for Moz, Search Engine Land, and other industry publications on topics like crawl budget, keyword cannibalization, and SEO trends. 

Follow Suganthan for: A variety of takes and insights on SEO topics

Tarun Gehani

Position: SEO Director at Pure Visibility

Twitter: @freshtight


Bio: Tarun is a disciplined SEO strategist with years of experience in understanding and increasing organic visibility. He frequently runs webinars on visibility, SEO audits, and more. 

Follow Tarun for: Updates and insights on Google algorithms and more

Tim Soulo

Position: CMO at Ahrefs

Twitter: @timsoulo

Website: SaaS Marketing Vlog YouTube Channel

Bio: As CMO at Ahrefs, Tim is a frequent speaker and writer on all things SEO. He writes Ahrefs studies covering topics like keyword difficulty, link value, and more. Tim is also the creator and host of an SaaS marketing channel on YouTube. 

Follow Tim for: Data-driven SEO and content insights from an industry leader

SEO has a long way to go toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive field, but there are already dozens of top SEO experts who are moving search forward and paving the way for a new generation of SEOs behind them. These are the trailblazers who are pushing us toward bigger and better things and challenging our expectations, limitations, and norms of “just the way things are.” 

We know there are even more SEOs from diverse backgrounds out there doing great work to advance search and support the SEO community. If you know of more, we’d love to hear about them. Shout them out on Twitter and create your own list of diverse SEOs to help us make positive change in the field we love. 

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