Set Up Google Alerts to Monitor Your Brand

by northstarinbound Posted on June 29, 2015 no comments

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a free tool that helps you keep tabs on what others are saying about your business online?  Well, there is!  It’s called Google Alerts.  Google Alerts sends you an email every time it finds a web page that mentions any key word or words you want.  So it’s a great tool for reputation monitoring.  I have a couple dozen alerts on myself and common misspellings of my name, businesses and brands I own, and things I am interested in.  If I had to monitor this on my own it would take hours.  Plus there would be no way for me to learn about a mention the moment Google does, which is pretty darned quick (often within minutes).  Let me show you how you can borrow Googlebot’s eyes and ears to safeguard your business reputation or be ready to jump on good news to make the most of it!

1.  Go to

 You will need to create a google account if you don’t already have one.

2.  Enter your search in the search box.

 In the search box, enter the keywords about which you want to be notified.  If you are primarily doing this for your brand, set up an individual alert for each variation of your name.  For instance, if your business name is TownSearch Inc, you will want to set up alerts for:


“Town Search”

TownSearch Inc

“Town Search Inc”

You should also think of other keywords and combine them with your brand name.

TownSearch scam

TownSearch rip off

TownSearch terrible

TownSearch best

TownSearch awesome

3. Choose your options.

 Click on the show options tab to set how often and how many results you want.  Working with the example from above, set TownSearch and to alert me “As –it-happens” you’ll want to know right away.  You’ll also want all the results, so go down to the how many dropdown and select “All Results”.  In this example, some of the common misspellings are to insert a space between the first word and the second in the business name.  So, a search for “Town Search” might be about this business or it might be about something else entirely.  And the volume of results might be much higher as well.  If this is the case with your business, then you’ll want to change the frequency to once a day or even once a week.  But continue to receive all the results, because otherwise you might miss something about your business.

4. Enter your email.

Enter the email you want Google to send these to and bang! You are in business.

5. Use Google Alerts to monitor specific sites.

You can also use Google alerts to monitor what people are saying about you on specific sites.  So if you want to keep close tabs on Google Plus or Yelp, you can insert the following search string in the alert box: TownSearch TownSearch

6. Monitor your comeptitors.

Finally, you can also monitor your top competitors using the same techniques.

Do this, and you might know more about them than they do!


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